Our Story Crofters Larder

Our Story Crofters Larder.  In the true crofting tradition, Crofters Larder specialises in enhancing simple, authentic locally grown and sustainably foraged ingredients from the region of the Isle of Arran.

Using time-tested techniques, we ferment, pickle and preserve to create exciting and tasty artisan larder staples such as tomato ketchup, brown sauce, piccalilli, sauerkraut, marinades and spices, salad dressings, dried herbs and spices, seasonal pesto, and pickled vegetables


Crofters Larder evolved out of our family business, Crofters Music Bar & Bistro in Brodick. Adding a retail food production element to Crofters was a dream that was put on the back burner due to the time pressures of running a successful restaurant business! However, when the coronavirus lockdown of 2020 threw a curveball at the restaurant and hospitality industry, Crofters Larder finally found its time to shine.

With Crofters Music Bar & Bistro under wraps until a viable tourism industry returns to Arran, General Manager Ealána Boyle has taken this time to launch and develop Crofters Larder. This new business is an extension to the Crofters brand, but a completely separate entity.

Crofters Larder currently operates from the Knox House premises on Shore Road, Brodick, Isle of Arran, and will do so until Crofters Music Bar & Bistro can return to trading. We will then move to alternative premises on the island.


Our Values

We are committed to ecological, environmental and economic sustainability, and transparent local sourcing within Arran and a 30miles radius of the island.

With a strong affinity to the smallholding lifestyle and the permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share, Crofters Larder embodies our commitment to securing local food sources, supporting rural lifestyles and economies and minimising food waste.

Within the next six months, we are looking to create a range of Arran milk-based products, catering for vegetarian and gluten-free dietary requirements. These will include cottage cheese, mozzarella, yoghurt, and kefir.

Within ten months, we plan to employ Arran beef, venison and pork to create a range of chorizo, salami, pastrami and jerky products.

Our ultimate objective within the next two years is to produce our own soft drinks, alcoholic liqueurs and vermouths, using foraged ingredients, wine, cider, and mead.


We aim to have a net-zero carbon footprint, be energy-efficient, and ensure no waste goes to landfill.

We use “waste” food products and “wonky” veg that are less than aesthetically pleasing but perfectly good to eat. We support conservation practices and make use of the full carcass from all animal products: nothing goes to waste. Feathers and hides are given to local artists and craftspeople, with bones used for broths and stocks. We repurpose any packaging that cannot be recycled or reused. Our own product packaging is recyclable or compostable and all food waste is composted to build healthy soil.


We are serious about allergen identification and providing gluten-free and dairy-free options.

Allergens are clearly identified and we’re always open to suggestions that can improve our recipes to cater for different dietary requirements. We do not add any artificial preservatives or additives. We only use animal derivatives when we have been unable to find alternatives that do not compromise the authenticity of our products.


A collaborative approach to sustainable food production and retail markets is vital to support an island brand and local business.

Our Arran, Kintyre peninsula and Ayrshire coast suppliers range from amateur home growers to community land initiatives and commercial vendors of fruit and vegetables, milk and whey, seafood, venison, lamb, and pork. We work in collaboration with the other fantastic island brands, many of which are established global brands.


We aim to generate employment for local people and contribute to the island economy.

We are a “real Living Wage” employer committed to a sustainable work-life balance, career progression, apprenticeship opportunities, and skill development for all members of staff.


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