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Crofters Larder evolved out of our family business, Crofters Music Bar & Bistro in Brodick, on the Isle of Arran. Adding a retail food production element to Crofters was a dream that was put on the back burner due to the time pressures of running a successful restaurant business! However, when the coronavirus lockdown of 2020 threw a curveball at the restaurant and hospitality industry, Crofters Larder finally found its time to shine.

Crofters Larder works in collaboration with the kitchen team at Crofters to provide the food element to the restaurant. 


and development

Crofters Larder not only brings a food production element to the Crofters' brand but an added value element to the wonderful produce grown by regenerative farms and a network of local producers. 

Now on their way to Glasgow, Crofters Larder is looking to re-establish supply networks with local growers and recommence trading. 


Investing in our

Local Economy

With a strong affinity to the smallholding lifestyle and the permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share, Crofters Larder embodies our commitment to securing local food sources, supporting rural lifestyles and economies and minimising food waste.

Investing directly in the lives of ourselves and our future generations but supporting growers and producers from the ground up. 

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"Crofters Larder is a welcome and innovative addition to Arran’s food economy. The current move towards local, sustainable agriculture is enabling people to reconnect with their immediate environment through wild food foraging, home and small-scale commercial growing. In combination with traditional methods of preserving foods and imaginative, tasty recipes, many new opportunities are presenting themselves from grass roots origins. This approach further enables local growers and producers to benefit directly from their endeavours, personally connecting with and supplying their customers. I wish the business every success..."

"It's so good, it’s the way Arran should be. We are fully capable of being a self sufficient, locally sourced economy and great to see a young entrepreneur kick starting this!"

The way it should be!

"watching the world crumble and the uncertainty of the hospitality industry unfold what you're doing is really brave and yet makes complete sense - what a way to turn around and face the adversity."

Inspiring and innovative

"I Just think it's fantastic. From what we've sampled already it's tasty, healthy and then the fact it's supporting the island growers - true sustainability! Can't wait for more"

I can only wish you success

"I love your idea to make extra use of the Crofter's Kitchen, not to mention Arran's amazing wild larder. It's also lovely that you are a family enterprise!"

Arran's amazing wild larder

This is a really exciting venture!! I think it's a great plan and introducing more fermented/ wild foods to anyones diet is extremely beneficial.

All the Best!

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Piccalilli from Isle of Arran


Piccalilli is a mainstay of farmhouse produce stalls, and is a superb accompaniment to a ploughman’s lunch, a plate of ham and brawn, all kinds of cheese, smoked fish and toasted sandwiches. 

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Trio of Ketchups

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Festive Preserves

Preserve Hamper

Our Hyper Seasonal, locally produced, Gift Hamper offering four preserves, using late Summer and Autumn produce. All presented in a gift box. Postage available UK wide

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Onion Ketchup

Onion Ketchup

Sweet, tangy and perfect with chips. The onion ketchup is the closest to a "modern" ketchup but with fermented garlic and caramelised onion flavours going on it's even better!

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